Paper II

Paper II was a performance art event created by D. Chase Angier, Laurel J. Carpenter, Tammy Renée Brackett, and Judi Strahota.

Viewers descended a wide flight of stairs to enter a large dark gymnasium that contained a small (4′ x 6′) room made of paper walls and lit by a single bare light bulb.

For months paper was collected from recycling bins on the Alfred University campus, the local school district, and various other sources. It was then loaded into the paper room as a dense and disorganized mass. Chase entered the room at noon to begin organizing the paper.

Many people visited the paper room a number of times during the performance, often leaning into the windows for long periods of time – their heads resting against the walls’ framing. Maps, writing assignments, scientific papers, musical scores, reports, assessments, and other bits of information recorded by the community could be seen entering the stacks.

A discarded analog computer, which was once used by a college to study behavior, was used to collect biofeedback information from Chase and anyone else who came within close proximity of the room. The biofeedback information was then used to create and modulate frequencies of sound that were amplified into the paper room via speakers placed within the paper walls. The frequencies coming through the speakers caused the paper walls to rattle, breathe, and hum in response to the electrical frequencies output by the performer as well as the audience.

The performance was complete when all the loose paper was neatly stacked – ten hours later.

Paper II Poster